Interviu cu Petra Ciocan/ Interview with Petra Ciocan (full english translation)

Reporter: Hello, Ms Petra Ciocan. We are in Stanesti.

Petra Ciocan: Yes, Stanesti, Giurgiu county.

R: How many dogs you have here, in this shelter?

P: There are 2 locations. I have 498 dogs now.

R: I wish them all good health! P: Thank you!

R: When did you start in this activity?

P: I loved dogs all my life. And I love all animals. I started by taking care of the dogs in the public shelter. My husband helped me buying food for them and I was going there every day, when Veneciuc was the administrator of the public shelter here, in Giurgiu. At a certain moment, even I was getting help from my husband, I could not manage any more to buy food for all of them every day. This was happening in 2009.

R: So you practically started in 2009.

P: As it was becoming quite difficult, I started to ask people to help me with the dogs, especially those of Veneciuc. This is how I got in touch with a Swiss organization. They first came here in March 2011, they saw my work and the dogs in the streets. I did now own at that time any location, any shelter of my own.

R: How many dogs were here at that time?

P: Over 300, in the public shelter. I cannot remember exactly, but I was taking care of dogs in the streets, in the field too, and I was feeding them every day. This is how I started to work with this Swiss organization. The president of the Swiss organization donated me some money to buy a 13.700 sqm land to build a dog shelter on it, here, in Stanesti village. I bought this land and we started the construction of a private shelter. In August 2012 (or 2011, I cannot remember exactly), they came on site along with a group of volunteers from Germany, we started to build on that land, the first “guests’’ were 4 puppies, we were not having a surrounding fence, we did not have anything, and my husband was living there with the puppies. The first thing we did after we bought the land was building a fountain, because the first thing you have to do when is to bring in some dogs is to have current water. We paid for this with our own money, nobody helped us with anything. It cost us 700 euros. ……. P: I bought the land with the money donated by the president of the Swiss organization, so in fact this land belongs to her. In September, after we started to build, the president of this organization was removed by some villain people from a German organization, whose name is now Ein bisschen wärme Deutchland. In 2011, without telling her the reasons why she was removed, a new organization with the same name was created in Germany, nobody asked me if I wanted to continue the collaboration with the Swiss organization or to start with the new one in Germany, the Germans decided on their own, the lady in Switzerland was told that I did not want to work with her, and I was told the lady in Switzerland did not want to work with me.

R: Have you managed to find out the truth?

P: I found out the truth, yes. I was not asked about anything.

R: What do you think it really happened?

P: I suppose they had other kind of purposes. (…) I can say we had a good collaboration, I could not say the contrary, there have been some incidents, as always, especially when 2 different nations work together there are always contradictions, we had some minor incidents.

R: The main thing is that it was good for the dogs.

P: Yes, it was good for the dogs. Until a certain moment, in May last year.

R: What happened exactly?

P: There is a lady, Catrin Catte Zander. In May 2014, this Catrin Catte Zander was asking me to do a lot of things for the dogs, and I was not having the possibility to help them. More exactly, I was separated from my husband, because of the dogs, of course, because we had an apartment we bought with a credit, and I was spending all the incomes of the family with the dogs, we could not pay the credit anymore, therefore the bank auctioned our apartment. It was normal to have such problems in a marriage, especially because of the lack of money and because somebody in the family spends all his incomings only for the dogs. I was being asked to do things for the dogs, and I was not able to do it, I was telling them: “I have no means to do it. I am not receiving any donations, all the donations are sent to you. I needed to build kennels for the dogs. It is not efficient to build kennels in straws, because it is a useless spending. They break up, the dogs tear them up and so on. Let’s build something durable. Because we cannot build the same kennels every year.

R: What was her answer?

P: That she did not care, I had to do it. And then she started to denigrate me on Facebook, in May.

R: So she was aware of your financial difficulties and she kept on?

P: I don’t know if she was aware, she probably thought I had tens of thousands of euros that I don’t want to spend with the dogs. Therefore, on the 2nd of June, representatives of this organization came here. When they came here in June they saw the situation on site, the dogs were very well.

R: Who came?

P: Catrin Catte Zander, her husband Mark Turau and Markus Gartner, the president of this organisation. At that time they came with the proposal to sell the land. I told them: ‘’this land was not bought with my money. If you want to buy this land, please contact the person who donated for it, Angela Notz, from Switzerland. Because she paid for tis land. Even if it is on my name and the papers are on my name. I will always agree that this land does not belong to me, if Angela wants me to give it back to her, I will agree with any objection, because this land does not belong to me. Even though it is mine on paper. So they left, decided to start all over again, no matter the problems, to live the past behind and take care of the dogs. … They told me they had 1.800 euros in the organisation’s accounts for neutering. These money have never been spent for neutering. I asked her where the money was, 5 minutes later she told us it was in the organization’s accounts.

R: I don’t understand, what was the money used for?

P: It was left in the organizations accounts. I don’t understand why, they just told me that they wanted to use them for neutering.

R: And have there been neutering at that time?

P: Only the ones that I paid for. A few neutering that I paid for, only the ones that I could pay for. This location from the ancient mill in Stanesi, with the mayor and the owner’s permission, they let us stay here. First, I wanted to make a quarantine for the sick dogs we rescued or for our dogs who get sick, because it happens. They haven’t asked me to pay any rent until December last year.

R: Why?

P: Because I knew the mayor and he told me I didn’t have to pay any rent.

R: Maybe because he is an animal lover too?

P: Probably. In August, more exactly on the 13th of August, I will never forget this day in my life, at night, my husband was here. He was taking care of the dogs here. He heard somebody whistling at the gate, maybe it was somebody who knew what was going on: if the dogs hear somebody whistle at the gate, they all go over there. It was very easy to come in from here, we had just finished to clean up, it was very clean, we had also arranged to get in water for the construction of the new site (a kind of clinic). Nobody was by the gate, all the dogs went over there, the person probably jumped from there, because there was no fence. My husband came into the house and 30 minutes later he heard a very loud thud, and when he went out, the building was on fire.

R: So practically this is the building that went on fire that night?

P: Yes. At 2.30, he called the firemen, the connection was lost, I don’t know what happened, the lady from the emergency calls did not forward the call to the firemen, and there was a lady on the road who saw the fire and also called the firemen. My husband called me at 2.50 o tell me to call the firemen.

R: What happened eventually that night?

P: Eventually, the firemen managed to reach. We had in the building on fire 4 tons of dog food that burnt almost completely. A week later, I made a lot of calls for help because I did not have food for so many dogs.

R: What was the organization in Germany saying?

P: They wanted us to make lists for them, and that was all.

R: Lists of what?

P: Lists of materials or whatever we needed. But if they saw my posts where I was saying I needed food…

R: The building burnt completely, as I can see.

P: Exactly. I posted the photos of the burnt food, why did they need me to tell them again what I needed, when they saw clearly I needed food? It was not difficult at all to realize I was out of food for 500 dogs. I made a lot of calls for help, nobody came in to help me.

R: Nobody helped you?

P: Absolutely nobody, for 2 weeks. I was crying at home with my husband, wondering what we were going to feed our dogs with. We borrowed money. It is not a problem, we will pay it back.

R: You borrowed from the bank?

P: No, from certain people. We did it in order to be able to feed the dogs. About one week later, Ms Oana Virga came to us with some German people, to help us.

R: You knew her?

P: I didn’t know her.

R: So she contacted you?

P: Yes. She came here, at the gate. My husband was here alone, I was in Bucharest, to pick up a German journalist. Eventually, the food had arrived, about 2 weeks after the event, I had thanked on Facebook the pictures of the food and my thanking. My husband knows a little German, but not enough to make the difference between an adult dog and a puppy in German, he calls them all ‘’dogs’’, adults and puppies as well. And he told the Germans ‘’we have food, but we need food for the puppies’’. He calls ‘’hunde’’ all the dogs. He also asked Oana Virga to tell the Germans we need food for the puppies. I told her the same thing on the phone: to explain to the Germans that we needed food for the puppies. I called her 3 or 4 times and asked her to help us with food for the puppies.

R: What did she do?

P: We received no answer. I was slandered on “Echipa anti-trafic’’ page….. ….

R: The month when Oana Virga interfered.

P: Exactly the month when Oana Virga interfered, my relation with this foreign organization changed completely. Our collaboration stopped since the 26th of September.

R: And what did you do?

P: The same problem, again. 500 dogs left alone, with no food. We borrowed money again and we are still paying for this debts. It was extremely difficult, but we didn’t want to give up. We were very upset, because of the stress and the problems. I could not say we have never made any mistake in my relations with the former organisation, everybody makes mistakes….

One cannot of 500 dogs. You must have employees, from what salary? As a volunteer you can’t ask the people to work with the dogs for your sake, but, I do it and anybody else can do it! They come for money! Oana Virga together with some Germans I did’t know came, without telling me, pretending they wanted help us.

R: Why are you saying that?

P: Because they haven’t helped us, they left and started to slander us, this was their help, probably trying to force us give up on the dogs.

R: Did you know Oana Virga?

P: No, I did not know her. Afterwards I tried to contact her to ask if she can help us with food for the puppies, she never replied, that was probably the whole idea. She only took some photos, just like the others that copied photos from my Facebook account, and they did fundraising events in our behalf, without giving us any kind of help.

R: Ms Oana Virga’s intentions were to denigrate you, not to help?!

P: Yes, these were her intentions.

R: What happened next?

P: Further on, we were insulted and threatened this Facebook page (I don’t want to mention its name, it doesn’t deserve it), offended and threatened with death.

R: Why?

P: They were saying we are animal abusers. As you can see for yourselves, we are big animal abusers! Even if my personal life was destroyed, my house destroyed with 18 dogs and 17 cats in a 44 square metres apartment that does not belong to us anymore (if anyone buys it we will be thrown in the street), they considered us abusing the animals by losing our house, live, everything.

R: So the purpose of this visit was to denigrate you?

P: Absolutely!

R: But what was their interest?

P: You can see the interests now, because the organisation I was with, the one that left 500 dogs without EBW help, moved with Oana Virga. This was the interest.

R: Oana Virga has a shelter herself?

P: She breeds Great Dane as I know. She breeds them in order to sell them. Breeding and selling. Probably the people, seeing what was happening to the stray dogs in Romania, started adopting those ones, instead of bying pure breed. Maybe their profit went low.

R: Oana Virga owns only a breeding shelter?

P: I don’t know, I didn’t care about what other people were doing. I had my dogs, this was my concern, taking care of my own. The others didn’t interested me unless I was involving as I could in specific situations. I helped a lot of dogs, also food for when I had it, without asking for money to go there. “The Diary of a Volunteer’’ can confirm that, I travelled several times to Bucharest to give them bags with food.

R: How long after Oana Virga interfered did you stop your collaboration with EBW?

P: Almost a month after. They lied on their Facebook page that I had 15 tons of food, I had only 3. They started again to slander me, they told donors I was abusing the animals and to stop helping me. From September and until November, nobody helped me!

R: What the organisation pretended to be the reason?

P: I was working with them with receipts. I was sending the receipts, they were sending me the money. We were only working like this, with receipts and invoices. Catrin Catte Zander, after she left from here, the next 4 months, she was only giving to me half of the amount back. That is how we were left with borrowed money, with debts.

R: So they were paying you back what you were spending?

P: Exactly, but only a half! They argued that they were not paying retroactively. They received everything from me. In September I sent Catrin Catte Zander 1000 euros receipts and invoices, she sent me back 500 euros.

R: So your relationship with the organisation changed the month when Oana Virga interfered?

P: Yes, indeed! Then is when the relationship changed. I stopped collaborating with them the 26th of September, I was left alone again with 500 dogs, and other debts that we are still paying now. It was very hard, but we didn’t give up. But from leaving 500 dogs without support and moving to a Breeding kennel is a huge difference. You can’t call yourself an animal rescuing organisation if you leave 500 dogs with no food.

R: How many dogs do you have in the shelter?

P: 200 here and 300 at the other location. Catrin Catte Zander, after leaving here on the 15th of September, saw the dogs with demodicosis because of the stress. As I said before, from the night with the fire, their immune system dropped, because of the lack of food, the stress … we struggled to treat them without money. My only solution was Ivermectin. I didn’t have money for other treatment.

R: Have you tried asking for help on Facebook?

P: Yes, I didn’t want to denigrate the organisation I had worked with, so I sent them private messages telling them about how the dogs were feeling, and that they needed treatment. But after the fire, Oana Virga’s implication, my denigration, my Facebook page was closed and I was left with no proofs. They posted photos with my dogs, saved by the other organisation that I sent pictures to, showing how the dogs are, that we have to do something about this if they care how my dogs are, or any dog in general. But I don’t believe they care, from what I saw, they proved they care less about these dogs, they were merely another money source. Considering that Catrin Catte Zander is unemployed, and her husband opened a car service in Germany, lying to us it was with the European funds received by some Bulgarian guy (but the car service was opened in Germany). Since November, another organisation came to visit me with a good friend of mine, a journalist in Germany, who had come previously in March as well and saw that I care about the dogs, and in August after the fire. She also asked this organisation to help me, I gave her the receipts to send them the organisation and I told them that they gave me only half back. In November, they saw that I care for the dogs and they said they wanted to help me. They sent me a helpful hand, for which I am very grateful!

R: Now you are with them?

P: Yes, I am with them, you can see that the dogs are doing well, we started the spaying, that were supposed to be done last year. People should not believe everything on Facebook, I saw that they did the same with Kola, trying to denigrate him as they have done to me. The dogs are the ones to suffer from this, not me! I can start over with my life, but what about the 500 dogs? Or where will Kola put the hundreds of dogs? No one will come to take them, especially not a particular person! They sent the DSV in control, and I got a fine instead of help. I would have done a lot of things with that money for the dogs. I do no harm, I don’t want to, because I know that I am hurting the dogs and this is the difference between me and them! A harm can be done quickly!

R: Practically, it was a denigration campaign.

P: Against me and Kola, because we have hundreds of dogs, they are thinking that we are getting thousands of euros on monthly donations, and the other ones, favourites of a certain page, are left on the side. I give them my donations, I had 40 euros in one month, if they can manage with 500 dogs, I allow them to replace me anytime they want. I give them my dogs and my life, which isn’t a life anymore. … it is lost, I come here to dogs, I go home to dogs…

R: What you are telling us is shocking!

P: This was meant to happen from August, we were the ones accused of setting fire. What for? The place isn’t even mine! We are now forced to buy. They said that the former organisation paid rents of 400 euros. This is not true, we are paying rent here from December last year, and the rent is paid by the new organisation, not by EWB. They said that I have a salary, I don’t! I had 610 euros that I had to pay 4 employees with.

R: You have some bills to pay here, water, electricity, employees. Who has a shelter knows this.

P: The dogs don’t live with air! Apart from food and water, there are many things to be paid. One cannot take care of 500 dogs, on his own, employees are needed. They need to get paid. They do not come as volunteers, I can’t ask people to come and work for the dogs. I do, but they come for the money. I want the dogs to have a life, to get adopted, living in a shelter is not a life for them!

R: Whoever wants to adopt a dog from you, how can they reach you?

PC: My Facebook page is PETRA CIOCAN the phone number is published there. Anyone can contact me, if they want to adopt a dog from me, with the biggest pleasure, of course with the proper checks and an adoption contract.

R: Thank you Ms Petra Ciocan for this little interview.

PC: Thank you very much!


RO/EN Metrorex intelege sa salveze cainii in pericol chemand hingherii!/Metrorex understands calling the dog catchers for saving the dogs in danger.

Desi la fata locului se aflau deja 2 asociatii de protectia animalelor dispuse sa salveze cainele si sa-l preia, conducerea Metrorex a preferat sa cheme hingherii. Cainele este acum in mare pericol, deoarece a fost impuscat cu subsante tranchilizante de catre persoane care nu detin autorizatie si nici competenta pentru aceasta si apoi a fost dus in focarul de infectie de la Pallady, unde Sectia 13 Politie a constat deja ca nu exista personal veterinar care sa preia cainii la intrarea in “adapost”. Pe Facebook a fost semnalat cazul acestui caine aflat in pericol, intr-o statie de metrou, chiar pe linie. Echipa MDPA si reprezentantul Asociatiei Kola Kariola s-au deplasat imediat la fata locului. Dupa indelungi cautari, cainele a fost reperat la o alta statie. Ne-am deplasat cu totii acolo, insa angajatii Metrorex chemasera deja hingherii, care au sosit la scurta vreme. In ciuda explicatiilor si a insistentelor noastre, politia a preferat sa-i lase pe cei de la ASPA sa prinda cainele. A fost tranchilizat de soferul dubei, iar celuilalt hingher i-a scapat. Cainele a fugit si a cazut pe linie, riscand sa fie strivit de urmatorul tren. Angajatii Metrorex au cautat aproape o ora si, in sfarsit, l-au gasit. Vom depune plangere penala pentru modul brutal si total neprofesionist in care a fost prins cainele. De asemenea, vom depune o plangere impotriva Metrorex, care nu a facut nici un fel de eforturi pentru a salva animalul si pentru ca a preferat, in loc sa predea cainele unei asociatii de protectia animalelor, sa-l trimita la o moarte sigura. Politistii prezenti la fata locului au intocmit o fisa de caz, din care reiese ca angajatii ASPA care au folosit arma cu tranchilizant nu detin autorizatie. Precizam ca, daca este manevrata necorespunzator, aceasta arma poate fi letala atat pentru animale, cat si pentru oameni, iar statia de metrou este un loc intens circulat.


Even if on site were already 2 animal protection associations, willing to save and take the dog, the Metrorex leadership preferred to call in the dog catchers. The dog is now in great danger, resulted of being shot at with tranquillisers by people that don’t have authorisation or ability for it and then he was trasported in the Pallady infection “shelter”, where the no 13 police station already said that there is no medical personnel to receive the dogs coming in the so called shelter. This case of the dog being in danger in a subway station, straight on the lines, was signaled on Facebook. The MPDA team and the representative of Kola Kariola Association went immediately at the place. After long searches, the dog was noticed at another station. We went there but the Metrorex employees already called the dog catchers, who arrived shortly after. Despite our explanations and persistency, the police preferred to let the ASPA catch the dog. The dog was tranquillised by the van driver, and the other dog catcher couldn’t hold him. The dog ran and felt on the lines, risking of being hit by the next train. The Metrorex employees has searched for almost an hour and finally found the dog. We will file in a criminal complaint for the brutal and unprofessional way that the dog was captured. Also, we will file in a criminal complaint against Metrorex, that didn’t do any efforts to save the animal, and preferring to give the animal to a save death instead of an animal protection association. The police officers that were there filed in a case file, for the ASPA employees that used the tranquilliser gun, for not having authorisation. We want to highlight the fact that this gun, being handled careless, can be lethal to both dogs and humans, and the subway station is a very crowded place.

RO/FR/EN RO: Macelarul Micului Paris, membru al Legiunii de Onoare Franceze

RO: Macelarul Micului Paris, membru al Legiunii de Onoare Franceze

Peste 150 de persoane au protestat ieri, in fata Ambasadei Frantei la Bucuresti, fata de acordarea titlului de membru al Legiunii de Onoare primarului in exercitiu, Sorin Oprescu. Totodata, peste 1.000 de cetateni au semnat o scrisoare de protest adresata Guvernului Frantei, prin care isi exprima indignarea cu privire la faptul ca cea mai inalta distinctie civila si militara a Frantei a fost acordata primarului supranumit si „doctor Mengele”.
Printre motivele care ii fac pe bucuresteni sa se simta profund jigniti de aceasta alegere nefericita a francezilor amintim:
-distrugerea sistematica a patrimoniului arhitectural al Capitalei
-evacuarea ilegala a peste 1.000 de oameni din zona Buzesti-Berzei in timpul iernii 2011
-incapatanarea cu care opteaza sistematic pentru solutii urbanistice perimate, care si-au dovedit deja esecul in alte parti ale lumii
-incalcarea repetata a sentintelor mai multor instante din tara, aprobarea unor constructii ilegale in numeroase zonele protejate si distrugerea unor repere ce tin de memoria comunitatii
-ruinarea patrimoniului istoric si arhitectural prin lipsa interventiilor specifice, responsabile, de restaurare si reinserare in circuitul cultural si economic
-lipsa de transparenta in activitatea primariei generale, ignorarea problemelor cetatenilor: transportul in comun, calitatea aerului, reducerea spatiilor verzi si asa insuficiente, lucrari de reasfaltare inutile, oneroase si prost executate ; pe mandatul primarului Sorin Oprescu s-au receptionat piste pentru biciclete care au costat mai mult decat o autostrada construita in Bulgaria, cu toate ca amenajarile au constat in vopsirea a doua dungi
-gestionarea problemei cainilor fara stapan intr-un mod abuziv si fraudulos, incalcarea flagranta a legii, prin ignorarea hotararilor a doua Curti de Apel (Bucuresti si Brasov), care au suspendat normele de capturare si ucidere a acestora
-degradarea fara precedent a imaginii tarii noastre in lume, Romania fiind perceputa in prezent ca „rana sangeranda a Europei” prin modul barbar, abuziv si ilegal in care sunt capturati si exterminati cainii fara stapan.
FR: Le boucher du Petit Paris, membre de la Légion d’Honneur

Plus de 150 bucarestois ont protesté hier, devant l’Ambassade de France à Bucarest, contre la décision d’accorder le titre de membre de la Légion d’Honneur au maire en exercice, Sorin Oprescu. De même, plus de mille bucarestois ont signé une pétition adressée au Gouvernament Français, par laquelle ils expriment leur indignation que la plus haute distinction civile et militaire de la France soit accordée au maire surnommé « Doctor Mengele ».
Parmi les raisons qui ont rendu les bucarestois profondément offensés par ce choix malheureux des français nous rappelons :
-la destruction systématique du patrimoine architectural de la Capitale
-l’évacuation illégale de plus de 1.000 personnes du quartier Buzesti-Berzei pendant l’hiver de l’année 2011
-l’obstination avec laquelle il choisit systématiquement des solutions urbanistiques périmées, qui ont déjà été prouvées comme étant échéantes dans d’autres pays
-le bafouement répété des sentences de plusieurs cours d’instance de notre pays, l’approvement de constructions illégales dans des zones protégées et la destruction de repères de la mémoire de la communauté
-la destruction du patrimoine historique et architectural à cause du manque d’interventions spécifiques, responsables, de restauration et réintégration dans le circuit culturel et économique
-le manque de transparence dans l’activité de la Mairie Générale, l’ignorance par rapport aux problèmes quotidiens des citoyens : le transport en commun, la qualité de l’air, la réduction des espaces verts déjà insuffisants, des travaux d’asphaltage inutiles, onéreux et mal exécutés ; pendant le mandat du Maire Oprescu, les bucarestois ont payé pour des pistes de bicyclettes plus cher que le prix d’une autoroute en Bulgarie, même s’il s’est agi de peindre deux lignes
-la gestion des chiens errants, d’une manière abusive et frauduleuse, le bafouement flagrant de la loi, en ignorant les décisions de deux Courts d’Appel (Bucarest et Brasov), qui ont rendu inapplicables les normes de capture et d’euthanasie des chiens
-la dégradation sans précédent de l’image de notre pays dans le monde, la Roumanie étant perçue à présent comme « la blessure sanglante de l’Europe », à cause de la manière barbare, abusive et illégale dont les chiens errants sont capturés et exterminés.

EN ————————-
The butcher of Bucharest, a member of the French Honor Legion

Over 150 persons protested yesterday in front of the French Embassy in Bucharest, towards giving the title of member of The Honour Legion to the active mayor , Sorin Oprescu. At the same time, over 1000 citizens signed a protest letter addressed to the Government of France, in which expressing the indignation regarding the fact that the highest civil and military distinction of France was given to the mayor also called as” doctor Mengele”.
Amongst the reasons making the people of Bucharest feel profoundly offended by this unfortunate choice by the French people we remind:
-the sistematic destruction of the architecture patrimony of Bucharest
– the illegal evacuation of over 1000 people from Buzesti-Berzei aria during the winter of 2011
-the stubbornness of always choosing poor urbanistic solutions, that already proved failure in other parts of the world -the constant breaking of sentences from different courts of the country, approving illegal constructions in many of the protected arias and destroying landmarks that were part of the community’s history
-ruining the historical and architectural patrimony though the lack of specific, responsible restoration interventions, and reinserting in the cultural and economical circuit
– the lack of transparency in the activity pf the Towm Hall, the ignoring of citizens’s problems: bus transportation, the quality of the air, reducing the already small parks, useless road asphalting that were badly executed; since Sorin Oprescu is mayor, bicycle lanes were built, costing more than a highway built in Bulgaria, even if the construction ment two white strips – handling the stray dogs problem in an abusive and fraudulent way, breaking the law, through ignoring two Court’s decisions (from Bucharest and Brasov), that suspended the legislation of capturing and killing of stray dogs
– the degradation of our country’s image, Romania being seen now as ” the bleeding woon of Europe” through the barbaric, abusive, and the illegal way that the stray dogs are being captured and exterminated.


RO/FR/EN SCRISOARE DESCHISA adresata lui Jean-Marc Todeschini

Stimate domnule secretar de stat Jean-Marc Todeschini,

Am aflat cu stupoare ca guvernul pe care il reprezentati a decis sa-i acorde primarului Bucurestiului Sorin Oprescu Legiunea de Onoare – cea mai inalta distinctie civila si militara franceza.
Va aducem la cunostinta ca membrii miscarii noastre, in calitate iubitori de animale, dar si de cetateni ai Bucurestiului, se simt extrem de jigniti de decizia dumneavoastra.
In primul rand, Sorin Oprescu este cel mai sangeros primar pe care l-a avut vreodata Capitala Romaniei, care a ucis in chinuri peste 35.000 de caini comunitari, ignorand vointa majoritatii populatiei. De asemenea, din 20 iunie, institutia subordonata PMB care a gestionat cainii comunitari a incalcat flagrant legea, ignorand sentintele a doua Curti de Apel din Romania, care interzic capturarea si uciderea cainilor comunitari prin intermediul firmelor private. Sorin Oprescu a contribuit la degradarea fara precedent a imaginii tarii noastre in lume, Romania fiind perceputa in prezent ca „rana sangeranda a Europei” din cauza modului barbar, abuziv si ilegal in care sunt capturati si exterminati cainii fara stapan. Ni se pare scandalos ca o distinctie legata istoric de personalitati precum Napoleon Bonaparte sau Charles de Gaulle sa fie atribuita unui individ care, prin natura meseriei sale, are datoria sa apere viata, sa caute solutii prin care sa evite cruzimea fata de animale si fata de oamenii care le apara drepturile, insa intelege sa rezolve problema in cel mai barbar si abuziv mod cu putinta.
Va amintim de asemenea ca primarul in exercitiu al Bucurestiului are un trecut strans legat de nomenclatura Partidului Comunist Roman si de tortionarii vechiului regim, tatal sau fiind general de securitate, iar Sorin Oprescu remarcandu-se in timpul studentiei ca membru marcant al Uniunii Tineretului Comunist.
„Meritele culturale” la care faceti referire in motivarea atribuirii distinctiei reprezinta, de data aceasta, o jignire la adresa intelectualilor din tara noastra. Sorin Oprescu nu conteneste sa mutileze limba romana cu ocazia fiecarei luari de cuvant sau aparitii publice. Iar meritele stiintifice care tin de cariera sa medicala si universitara sunt cvasi-inexistente.
Va rugam asadar sa retrageti aceasta distinctie, care va dezamagi o mare parte a romanilor, dar va fi si o pata neagra pentru distinctia de cavaler al Legiunii de Onoare si pentru personalitatile carora i-a fost acordata de-a lungul istoriei.

Cu stima,
Ioana Rosenberg
Membru fondator al Miscarii Dreptate pentru Animale
Doctor in filologie franceza

Cher Monsieur le Secrétaire d’Etat Jean-Marc Todeschini,

C’est avec stupeur que nous venons d’apprendre la décision de votre gouvernement d’accorder au Maire de Bucarest Sorin Oprescu la médaille de chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, la plus haute distinction civile et militaire française.
Les membres de notre mouvement, en tant que défenseurs des droits des animaux, mais aussi de citoyens de Bucarest, se sentent extrêmement offensés par votre décision.
Premièrement, Sorin Oprescu est le maire le plus cruel que la Capitale de notre pays ait jamais eu, qui a tué dans les pires chagrins plus de 35.000 chiens errants, en ignorant la volonté de la majorité des bucarestois. De même, l’institution subordonnée à la Mairie de Bucarest censée gérer le problème des chiens communautaires a bafoué la loi de manière flagrante, en ignorant les décisions de deux Courts d’Appel, qui interdissent à la Municipalité de capturer et de tuer des chiens errants par l’intermédiaire des compagnies privées. Sorin Oprescu à contribué à la dégradation sans précédent de l’image de notre pays dans le monde, la Roumanie étant perçue a présent comme « la blessure sanglante de l’Europe », à cause de la manière barbare, illégale et abusive dont les chiens errants sont capturés et exterminés. Nous considérons qu’il est scandaleux qu’une distinction liée historiquement à des personnalités comme Napoléon Bonaparte ou Charles de Gaulle soit attribuée à une personne qui, par la nature de son métier de médecin, a le devoir de défendre la vie, de chercher des solutions pour éviter la cruauté envers les animaux et les gens qui protègent leurs droits, mais décide de « résoudre » le problème de la manière la plus barbare et abusive.
Nous vous rappelons aussi que le maire de Bucarest en exercice a un passé étroitement lié à la nomenclature du Parti Communiste et des tortionnaires de l’ancien régime, son père ayant été général de la Sécurité Roumaine à l’époque communiste. Sorin Oprescu s’est fait remarquer à l’époque où il était étudiant en tant que membre marquant de l’ « Union des Jeunes Communistes ».
Les « mérites culturels » dont vous parlez dans la motivation de l’attribution de la distinction représentent, cette fois-ci, une insulte à l’adresse des intellectuels roumains. Sorin Oprescu ne cesse de mutiler la langue roumaine à chaque occasion qu’il prend la parole publiquement. Et les mérites scientifiques qui tiennent à sa carrière médicale ou universitaire sont quasi-inexistants.
Nous vous prions, par conséquent, de retirer cette distinction à Sorin Oprescu, qui décevra une grande partie du peuple roumain, et qui sera aussi une tache noire pour cette distinction et pour les personnalités auxquelles elle a été accordée au long de l’histoire.

Je vous prie de recevoir mes salutations respectueuses,
Ioana Rosenberg
Membre fondatrice de MDPA (le Mouvement Justice pour les Animaux)
Docteur ès lettres françaises

Dear Mr. State secretary Jean-Marc Todeschini,
We recently found out that the government you are representing decided to give the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, the Legion of Honour- the highest civil and military french distinction.
We would like you to know that our team members, as animal lovers, and as citizens of Bucharest, we are extremely offended by your decision.
First of all, Sorin Oprescu is the most blood thirsty mayor that Bucharest ever had, slaughtering over 35. 000 stray dogs, ignoring the will of the majority. Also, starring 20th of June, the PMB subordonated institution that was dealing with the stray dogs, brike the law, ignoring the romanian Court’s decisions, that forbids capturing and killing the stray dogs through private firms. Sorin Oprescu contributed to the degrading of you country’s image around the world, Romania being seen now as” the bleeding woon of Europe” through the barbaric, abusive an ilegal way these dogs are captured and exterminated- In the lack of qualified medical personnel, molesting these animals, the insalubre conditions, the overcrowding in the shelters, killing the dogs with illegal substances, the absence of any educational program for the population and of an adoption campaign for the stray dogs. We find it outrageous that a distinction historically bound to personalities like Napoleon Bonaparte or Charles de Gaulle is given to a person that, through his job’s nature, has the duty to defend life, look for solutions for avoiding animal cruelty and the humans defending their rights, but understands to deal with the problem in the most barbaric and abusive way possible. We also remind you that the mayor of Bucharest has a tight history to the Comunist Romanian Group and the old regime, his father being security general, and Sorin Oprescu remarking in his student years as a marking member of the Communist Youth Union.
“The cultural worths” you are referring in motivating the distinction he got represents, this time, an offence to this country’s intellectuals. Sorin Oprescu does not stop mutilating the romanian language on every public speech or appearance. And the scientific credits regarding his medical and universitary career are non – existing.
We are asking you to retrieve this distinction, that will disappoint a large part of the romanians, and will be a black spot for this distinction and for the personalities it was given to throughout history.

Your sincerely,
Ioana Rosenberg, PhD
Founding member of MDPA

Miros de moarte la Codlea. Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu conduce noul lagar de exterminare canina

Scent of death in Codlea. Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu is running the new dog extermination camp

(English below)

Ieri a avut loc in fata Primariei Codlea un protest impotriva abuzurilor comise de conducerea recentului infiintat „adapost” pentru caini fara stapan. Majoritatea protestatarilor au fost nemultumiti de faptul ca desi au strabatut zilele trecute distante destul de mari pentru a-si ridica cainii ridicati abuziv, deplasandu-se din Predeal, Bran sau Rasnov, si au solicitat sa viziteze ecarisajul in timpul orelor de program afisate la intrare, accesul le-a fost interzis. Protestul a fost organizat de Alianta pentru Combaterea Abuzurilor.

Ce are de ascuns acest „adapost”? Care este scopul infiintarii lui?

Mirosul puternic de cadavre procesate de Protan chiar in curtea invecinata nu prevesteste o soarta buna pentru caini. Nici semnul de la intrarea pe alee, „Proprietate privata”, menit sa-i intimideze pe adoptatori. Cu atat mai putin angajatii stabilimentului, imbracati in uniforme special create pentru pentru a mima statutul unei institutii publice: costume bleumarin inchis si camasi bleu ciel, care le imita pe cele ale politistilor, sigla in forma de stema a institutiei denumita pompos „Directia pentru Monitorizarea si Protectia Animalelor” – Oras Codlea. Si, cel mai grav, portile inchise, desi ne aflam acolo in timpul programului cu publicul afisat pe poarta. Membrilor Miscarii Dreptate pentru Animale le-a fost permis accesul, intr-adevar, dar dupa program si dupa ce am solicitat interventia echipelor de Politie ale MAI. Mentionam ca angajatii ecarisajului au devenit brusc extrem de amabili, desi doar cu cateva minute inainte venisera cu o galeata cu apa pe care voiau sa o arunce pe noi peste gard. Ne bucuram sa vedem ca prezenta echipajelor de politie trezeste in romani ospitalitatea lor ancestrala. Din pacate, persoanele care doreau sa revendice si sa adopte caini plecasera deja, descurajate dupa peste 30 de minute de rugaminti la poarta adapostului.

Ce este Directia pentru Monitorizarea si Protectia Animalelor?

In ciuda aparentelor, nu este vorba de o institutie a statului sau de o directie din cadrul Primariei, ci de un ONG. Un ONG din al carui consiliu de administratie fac parte reprezentanti ai 10 primarii: Codlea, Rasnov, Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, Predeal, Bran, Ghimbav, Cristian, Sacele. Cu alte cuvinte, o struto-camila, o entitate separata din punct de vedere al statutului juridic de primariile oraselor respective, dar finantata de ele. Un ONG care inghite bani publici. O data pentru construirea ecarisajului, care, in ciuda custilor vopsite in culori vesele si a gardurilor inalte de la intrare, demne de o baza militara, adaposteste caini cu sau fara stapan, ridicati abuziv de pe domeniul public sau furati de pe proprietati private, desi doua instante judecatoresti au hotarat ca acest lucru este ilegal. Dar si pentru sumele fabuloase platite in Romania pentru „capturarea, gazduirea, tratarea si eutanasierea cainilor fara stapan”: in jur de 200 de euro/caine omorat.

Flavius Dumitriu, cunoscut ca fiind cel mai sadic ucigas de caini

Cel mai ingrijorator este insa faptul ca noul ecarisaj de la Codlea va fi condus de Flavius Dumitru, care a manageriat in mod atat de catastrofal adapostul public de la Stupini, incat in toamna anului 2011 a fost inchis dupa ce zeci de animale au fost gasite moarte, sufocate in propriile excremente sau dupa ce s-au mancat intre ele. Imaginile din materialele de mai jos, care au scandalizat o lume intreaga si ne-au facut din nou tara, sunt graitoare:

Deschiderea oficiala a noului lagar de exterminare canina de la Codlea a avut loc in data de 29 ianuarie 2015, in prezenta reprezentantilor municipalitatilor si a presei de curte, menita sa arunce praf in ochi contribuabililor. Cetatenilor si membrilor organizatiilor pentru protectia animalelor le-a fost interzis accesul in incinta „adapostului”.


Scent of death in Codlea. Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu is running the new dog extermination camp

Yesterday, in front of Codlea City Hall, took place a protest against the abuses of the management of the recently established ‘’stray dogs shelter’’. Most of the people were complaining that they had to travel long distances, coming from Predeal, Bran or Rasnov, in order to pick up their dogs, abusively caught, and they wanted to visit the shelter during the opening hours, their access was denied. The protest was organized by The Alliance against Abuses.

What does this ‘’shelter’’ have to hide? What is its purpose?

The strong scent of the animal dead bodies processed by Protan right next to the shelter, does not predict a good faith for the dogs. The sign at the entrance on the alley, either: ‘’Private property”, meant to intimidate the adopters. The staff wear uniforms especially created to mimic the status of a public institution: dark blue suits, light blue shirts, imitating the ones of the police officers, the logo is the Romanian coat of arms and the name of the organization suggest some kind of police department: The Direction for Animal Control and Protection – Codlea City. And, worst of all, the gates were closed, although we were there during the opening hours published outside. The members of our movement were allowed to enter, but only after the opening hours and after the Police arrived. The staff suddenly became very polite, although only a few minutes before they wanted to pour water on us, over the fence. We were glad to see that the presence of the police officers revealed the ancestral Romanian hospitality. Unfortunately, the people who wanted to take their own dogs out or to adopt had already left, discouraged after over 30 minutes spent in front of the closed gates.

What is The Direction for Animal Control and Protection?

In spite of the appearances, this is not a state institution or a direction of the City Hall, but An NGO. The shareholders are the representatives of 10 city halls: Codlea, Rasnov, Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, Predeal, Bran, Ghimbav, Cristian, Sacele. In other words, a confusing mixture, an entity legally independent of the city halls, but financed by them. An NGO financed with public funds. Once for the building of the shelter, that in spite of the kennels painted in joyful colours and of the tall fences, like the ones of the military bases, hosts dogs with or without owners, abusively caught on the public domain or stolen from the private properties, in spite of the decision of two Courts of Law. But also the fabulous amounts paid by the Romaian authorities for the killing of one dog: 200 euros.

Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu, known as the most sadistic dog killer

The most warring thing is that the new extermination camp in Codlea is run By Flavius Dumitru, who managed the Supini shelter so badly, that the centre had to be shut down at the end of 2011, after dozens of animals had been found dead, suffocated in their own excrements or after eating each other. The images in the materials bellow speak for themselves; they scandalized the whole world and were a black spot for Romania’s image, once again:

The official inauguration of the new death camp in Codlea took place on the 29th of January 2015, with the representatives of the municipalities and the subservient press, meant to hide the truth from the contributors. The access was denied to the citizens and the representatives of the NGOs for animal protection.

 10836379_893892283976177_1492656094_n 10947759_893892610642811_374406426_n 10951891_893892683976137_1705525642_n 10961725_893892607309478_253822898_n 10965366_893892617309477_81272383_n 10965494_893892303976175_1889871775_n 10965584_893892603976145_547367406_n 10965830_893892463976159_1871977227_n 10967005_893892590642813_717934884_n 10967005_893892627309476_930750444_n


Inca un catel la casa lui!

Ursu’ a pleca10942465_909585159061114_382291810_nt astazi la casa lui. Cam suparat ca se desparte de colegii lui de tarc, dar fara sa stie ca la noua lui locuinta din Fagaras va avea doua cateluse si o pisica cu care sa se joace toata ziua, sa alerge intr-o curte mare si frumoasa sau langa care sa se ghemuiasca pe canapea. Sa fii cuminte si sa-ti asculti noii stapani! Iti multumesc Alina ca l-ai adoptat si ai avut rabdare doua luni sa-i termin tratamentul!






Ziua portilor deschise la adapostul Kola Kariola

Open day at the Kola Kariola Shelter


Ii multumim Asociatiei pentru protectia animalelor Kola Kariola pentru ziua minunata petrecuta astazi alaturi de cei 400 de catei salvati, pe care ii are in grija.
Am fost inca o data incantati sa vedem cum familia Chirca si ingrijitorii s-au straduit si au reusit sa creeze conditii cat mai bune pentru cainii pana nu demult ai nimanui si condamnati la moarte.
Cateii sunt ingrijiti, in padocuri este curatenie, o hala are chiar incalzire. Insa ce ne-a impresionat cel mai mult sunt eforturile de a crea pentru aceste suflete o atmosfera cat mai apropiata de o casa: saltele in tarcuri, paturi, mocheta…
Au noroc cateii si cu ingrijotorul Marin, care ii iubeste, lucru care se vede din reactia cateilor atunci cand il vad.
Insa cu 400 de caini e foarte greu: pe langa povara unor cheltuieli lunare foarte mari si a muncii pe care o presupune un adapost, este si nevoia cainilor de afectiune. Este nevoie de cat mai multi voluntari. Incercati sa dati o mana de ajutor, vizitati adapostul din cand in cand, acele sufletele va vor rasplati din plin!


We thank the Association for Animal Protection Kola Kariola for the wonderful day spent today with the 400 rescued dogs that they take care of.

We were once again pleased to see how Chirca family and the caregivers have tried and managed to create the best possible conditions for the dogs, orphans not a log time ago and sentenced to death.

The dogs are beeing good taken care of, the paddocks are clean and a warehouse has even heating. But what impressed us most are the efforts to create an atmosphere as close as possible to a home for these souls: mattresses, beds, carpets …

The dogs are lucky to have Marin too, who loves them, which is seen in their reaction when they see him.

But taking care of 400 dogs is very difficult: besides the high monthly expenses and the work required, the dogs need a lot of affection. Volunteers are more than welcome. Try to give a helping hand, visit the shelter from time to time, those souls will reward you fully!